25 Weeks

Ok. So. At 22 weeks is where I started to feel this baby girl move like an 8th grade dance party, actually see her move from the outside, and literally started to feel my boobs growing by the minute. Not an exaggeration. Pregnancy has kicked into full gear.

Fun fact about me: I hate having boobs. I love when I’m completely flat chested and don’t have to bother with a bra under a sweatshirt. It might be the dancer in me. The feeling of my boobs getting bigger makes me so annoyed. Just knowing they are about to be huge for a year makes my skin crawl. I’ll be breaking out my dusty box of big girl bras from my closet shelf very soon. Until then, I’ll savor all the moments I can with my Aerie bralettes.

Pro side of being at 25 weeks: feeling her move. Oh, how it puts your crazy pregnant mind at ease when you can feel the kicking and twisting of your baby. It started with just gentle random movements, mainly laying down at night, and has slowly turned into the full ordeal. I’m slightly nervous for my last few weeks of pregnancy; I’m fairly certain this girl will be one of those videos where you can see a foot push out of your belly. And my guess is she’s even more active than her big sister. Which. Blows my mind.

I’m also in full nesting mode. We completely redid the closet in Reegan’s new big girl room and I’m starting to slowly move her things over. It’s making me next level excited. I’ve also painted the new guest room and we are working on pulling that together too. It’s been used as a Cat/storage room for the last year so I’m not sure what to do with the litter box, but don’t worry – I’m obsessing over it. I can’t pull myself off the internet looking at light fixtures, side tables, and headboards.

Not as fun: I had the flu around 21/22 weeks – not going to lie here… it blew. I drank apple cider vinegar and rested and hoped for the best. I lingered at 70% capacity for about a two weeks after it knocked me out for 2-3 days. Reegan caught it and had her first round of medicine. Which I totally first time mom-ed about. But the craziest thing ever?! The NoseFrida. Holy boogers. We’ve had it since I was pregnant with her, but never used it because I felt her nostrils were too small for it, but this time I finally pulled it out. Does it pull from the back of her throat?!? I mean, the amount of gunk that comes out is unbelievable. I was shocked and made my husband try it on me to make sure we weren’t hurting her. It doesn’t hurt and didn’t do anything for me.

Other than that, the bump has definitely debuted. I’m fully pregnant looking. And I love it. I ordered those Spanx maternity leggings and ladies, they are worth every single penny. Even my OBGYN loved them. I ordered on the smaller side to get the compression super tight. My doctor was suggesting compression tights since I was feel dizzy all the time. So, these Spanx do double duty. I live in them. I may need a second pair.

This pregnancy is going insanely fast. We have less than 100 days until baby’s schedule arrival which is now scheduled for April 26, 2018 at 7:15. (Holy crap) And Reegan’s 2nd Birthday is just weeks away. I’m getting more and more excited to see Reegan become a big sister. I think she is going to love having a baby in the house. Reegan loves helping with everything so I’m sure this will be no exception.

Pre-pregnancy Weight :: 123 lbs

24 Weeks :: 128 lbs

Baby Weighs :: about 2 lbs

**I REALLY tried to get better photos, but it’s been impossible and I want to post things to look back on.


20 weeks // Baby Cottet

I can not believe we are already at 20 weeks. Baffling. My horrible memory of my pregnancy with Reegan has inspired me to head back to this incredible space and start taking notes on life again. I have no clue if any one cares about these updates, but I’m realizing how quickly time goes, and I would love a place to look back at these ridiculous details.

So, what’s happened for far?

Let’s see.

:: Trying for baby ::

As most of you know, this is my 3rd pregnancy. I had a miscarriage (9 weeks), then a perfectly healthy pregnancy with Reegan (3 days late), and now here we are due May 2, 2018. This round took us a few months of trying. *I will say that I started taking folic acid (I got packets for my water from Target – shelved next to the pregnancy tests) the last month, and who knows if it helped or the timing just lined up but I would do it again.

:: 1st trimester ::

It was junk. I was so sick and had so many food aversions which convinced me I was having a boy since I didn’t have any of that with Reegan. I lost a ton of weight and was basically starving to death and only wanted turkey deli meat sandwiches (which are supposed to be a no-no, but I was starving so the doctor approved Jersey Mike’s). No one was concerned because the baby will take what it needs, but I was getting a little nervous by week 12. And then it finally subsided. Tiny meals became a thing of God.

Week 12 I had a blood test which gave us the baby’s sex at 13 weeks! Mind blowing. It was almost too soon for me personally. I was just starting to feel better, and then this little piece of paper revealed we were having another little girl over Chick-fil-A one Friday night. Weird stuff. My mind couldn’t compute it. And since we have all the baby girl things you can dream of, it took away any need for prep. Which was a financial relief, but also a strange feeling of ‘now what?’

:: 2nd trimester ::

2nd trimester is glorious. If you haven’t been pregnant, let me just be the one to tell you that the 2nd trimester is that sweet spot where you think you could be pregnant forever. Your body has an amazing way of erasing the vomiting memories from previous weeks and replacing them with subtle sweet baby kicks and a cute little baby bump. You lay on the couch with your hand on your belly thinking, ‘I’m basically Mother Earth’. Sure, there are headaches and round ligaments pains that make you feel like lightening is going through you, but it’s fleeting. And you don’t care. You are a Goddess creating life.

:: now ::

I won’t lie, I feel pretty great. I get horrible gas pains from my uterus expanding and weird round ligament pains that travel from my vagina and through my abs and ribs (fun times!), but my bump is just starting and I can feel her move – Mainly at night when I lay down. And my appetite is back, but it’s heavily focused on chocolate. I can crush about 12 Reese’s Christmas trees in minutes. I’m just starting to get back to my pre-this-pregnancy weight. Yeah. I lost that much in the first trimester. I’m telling you. It was insane and I was really scared.

My skin is super dry all over my body (my skincare routine is saving my life. This Paste. This Hydration Serum. And this Foundation), the boob situation hasn’t gotten too out of control, and there is no way in the world I can drink the amount of water websites tell me too. I’m also in need of all things warm and cozy. Just hydrating serums, Reese’s, and Barefoot Dreams. That is the trinity of this pregnancy.

At first, we thought we had a baby girl name on lock. We had picked a few names when I was pregnant with Reegan, but now at week 20, we are adding a few names to the list. Who knows what’s going to happen. Probably the original idea, but only after I torture Jeff with NameBerry.com stats.

OH! AND that whole ‘no need to prep’ thing is well far gone.

I have planned every detail of the nursery, although I can’t really do most of it until we move Reegs to her Big Girl Room. (Which will have to be another post!) But everything is picked out. I’ll link it up when it’s ready… I want some of it to be a surprise.

While I don’t need many baby clothes, I probably should research a double stroller, a new car that actually fits two carseats, and some legit nursing bras. (I nursed Reegs for a year with ONE grandma-looking nursing bra and I won’t do that to me, or Jeff, again.) Another fun perk for Jeff, I want to throw everything away. I’m talking I hate that there are things in closets. My pregnant mind thinks closets should be back up space for more cozy sweaters. And I’m currently obsessed with home decor instagrams. Hot mess express. Party of one.

:: STATS ::

my weight : 122 (My original upon finding out I was pregnant was 123)

baby weight : 11 ounces

Still in my boyfriend jeans. Bless you Low Rise fit. But mainly wearing leggings and large sweaters. Yay for winter pregnancies! Blanqi are probably my favorite leggings so far. I still really want to try the Spanx maternity ones, but I’m waiting for the bump to get a little bigger since I’m only 5ft tall.

Reegy and I have also gotten very into sparkling waters and juices. She calls it ‘Bubbles’ and it’s adorable so I cave every single time.

Anyways. Here are some of my favorite things the last few weeks.

I’ll try to organize these posts so they are less crazy lady rambling, but no promises.

**also. That’s our new chalk wall. Reegan has a passion for drawing lines. I blame the 18 month evaluation questionnaire that made me passionate about her learning how to do it in the first place.

Playroom / Brass Chandelier Update!

The easiest and most noticeable quick fix I have done to the house in this dining room flip. Reegan’s toys multiply. Seriously, I have maybe bought her 3 toys in her life, but her grandparents and family members are just the sweetest and she is not in need. That’s for sure. The house was full of toys just everywhere, with no place to be put away, and I just couldn’t take it. So one day Jeff was working late, and I headed over to Sherwin Williams to grab paint. I can not be left unsupervised.

After MUCH trial and error, I can tell you Sherwin Williams ProMar200 is hands down the best paint ever. I kept trying Behr, and it just doesn’t go on the same. ProMar200 is everything. I decided on Taupe Tease for the new playroom and it is the perfect off white shade I have ever seen. I am super close to repainting the den with Taupe Tease (A Behr shade I color matched) as well. It is warm, but not beige, and it doesn’t shine blue or yellow. It’s flawless. 1 day of elbow grease and a gallon and a half of paint and this gold dining room morphed into a whimsical playroom.

ProMar200 is a professional grade paint and they originally wants $60 a gallon for it, but with some sweet talking and a crazy toddler in hand, they gave me the pro discount. I believe it was around $24.

The chandelier was also driving me nuts, but I wasn’t interested in spending money on new lighting for a transitional room. So, I grabbed some matte high heat white spray paint (took 2 cans), some LED light bulbs, some twine, and a ribbon and DIY’d that baby up. It didn’t take long at all and I’ll make a quick separate post about the detail of that and link it.

Switching the bulbs to LED was vital. The original light bulbs got blazing hot and I would NOT put them near twine.

You can also check out the easy DIY I did making that sweet chalk table. We use it every single day.


At the end of the day, does a family of 3 with a toddler really need a dining room? Probably not.




** Photos are from my iPhone, I would apologize for them being lower quality than normal… but there are only 24 hours in a day. 

Summer Style Inspiration

I have an Rodan+Field beach retreat coming up at the end of this month and I’m so excited. It’s amazing to know that these are the women I will get to travel with forever. And we will get to go on these awesome trips because we are helping people change their lives and embrace their healthiest skin. Plus we get to keep adding fun people to the crew.

Make Your Own Kids Chalk Table || DIY

This is the easiest DIY you will ever do! Seriously. Jeff’s mom gave us this cute out door kids patio table, but I had an idea for it. A Chalk Table! I DIY’d this little baby into a little art table asap, and it’s possibly Reeg’s favorite thing. She loves to sit and color. And the BEST part?! Chalk comes out!! (Hooray for a Mom Hack!) So, while I haven’t let her play much with crayons and markers, she is always covered in chalk. And there is zero need to get stressed over it.

What You’ll Need For Your Chalk Table:

Our Favorite Toys || 1 Year

One thing I can tell you for sure is that kids pick the toys they love; not you.

There are toys that we play with everyday; and toys I swore Reegs would love and she doesn’t ever touch. The other day, I was sitting on the living room floor with her and listening to this BeatBowWow Puppy sing ‘Colors’  for the 2356934th time and I became curious… What are her top 5 favorite toys?!

(I’ll give you a hint… BeatBowWow is basically Beyoncé)

DIY Industrial Curtain Rod :: Guest Room

I love a good DIY. And even more when it’s the cheaper option.

When we bought the house, the downstairs room was actually an open entry way office. And while those windows are incredible for an office, it became quickly apparent that we would need a downstairs guest room for our parents. We decided to have Home Depot place some french doors on the room and convert it into an airy guest room. Because this  is at the entrance of the house light , and these windows are a huge source of light downstairs, keeping the room light and bright were a must. French doors made the most sense. They match pocket doors that lead into the dining room, and it makes it where if we ever were to sell, the next owners can decide if they want it to be an office again. It was a win-win all around.

There are perks to living in a home well thought out by a developer like John Wieland (Like the basement being stemmed for a bathroom); but there are also annoyances like not being able to match anything. I called the John Wieland company to try and get specifics for the french doors to match the pocket doors, but they had zero info for me. They didn’t care to be honest. So, I got over my perfectionism (with a help from a few friends), and headed to Home Depot. The customer service at our Home Depot was great. They gracefully dealt with my anxiety and installed the doors and transom for us without faltering.

But now that guest room needed a little privacy!