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The Perfect Vacation Memento

Dune Jewelry The Perfect Vacation Souvenir

Living in Nassau is not a permanent thing for me and my husband. We are briefly spending 3-4 years here for work and sometimes we just wish you could take the beach with you when we finally leave. You just want something to remember is all by…

A few months ago I found out about an incredible company, Dune Jewelry, and was beyond excited. In fact, keeping it to myself this long has felt like hiding a pregnancy. I wanted to wait until every one could see this post and how incredible this idea is.

When I first went on the Dune Jewelry website, I thought, “Oh, pretty jewelry. I like that bangle.” BUT THEN I realized that you can actually choose the location that the sand is from OR EVEN send in your OWN SAND. Yes. You can grab a bottle of sand from your beach wedding or awesome vacation or even a baseball field and send it in to be made into a gorgeous and affordable piece of jewelry. Including tie tacks, and cufflinks for men. All I could think about is my friend’s beach wedding in North Carolina and how I want her to have a piece of this line. I want everyone to have a piece of this line.

So, here’s how it works… You grab a bottle of dry sand and bring it home. Then you clean it out. Removing any little sea bugs or seaweed and leave it on the a towel to dry. Once its clean and dry, you put it in a baggy and fill out a simple form; letting the company know which piece of jewelry you would like and where the sand is from. Any sand not used for your piece will be entered into the sites “Sand Bank“, and accessible to others. So maybe you are thinking of a past tense event, like my friends wedding. You can look up the location and see if they have sand. And they just might! They have over 2100 locations available! Plus, majority of the pieces are under $100! Scroll to see how I submitted my own sand from Exuma, and click here to read all the details on sending in your own sand!

My pieces are from our trip to the Exumas. (See what I wore on our trip here and here!) My Bangle is from Tropic of Cancer beach and my ring is sand from a tiny nook of a back called Crescent Beach. I absolutely love them and I grabbed sand from our trip to Normandy, France and a trip to Spanish Wells, Bahamas to make more bangles. I’m keeping this baby going!

**My only wish is that they engraved the jewelry so you could remember where you got each piece from. Bangles are going to get confusing. But I’m going to take mine to a jeweler and see if they can engrave them for me.

Ring // Bangle

Food In Paris!

I have been beyond slow at sharing our trip. I know. But it’s fun to go over the trip a month later and see how fun and delicious it really was. Sharing the post makes me want all of these amazing dishes again. I wish I had taken even more food photos because I’m a nerd and these are some of our greatest memories. We are food people. We can’t help it.

With the help of my husband, I’m about to recount some of the best food spots in Paris.

The Best Food Stops in London

London was everything. We were ready to cancel our return flight, and relocate on day one. It doesn’t hurt that great beer and pies & mash are everywhere.

I’m a mutt of a human, I like it that way. I’m Irish, English, Russian, German, and Polish. This means, my favorite meal probably involves mashed potatoes. So being in a city, where that best mashed potatoes (and mushy peas), are at any turn, well I was basically in heaven. London is full of parks and garden. People meeting with their friends to have drinks in a mini park after work. Bar patrons spilling out on to the streets to chat. Everyone has style, like New York City, but British. People are friendly, and everywhere feels like Cheers.

We wandered into several places just to stop and rest our weary feet, but here are a few of the favorites that I would return to today! (Click restaurant name for their website or yelp!)

Pieminister (Pies & Mash): This place is awesome. Spilling over with people on the streets, they offer a great beer and amazing Pies & Mash. It may have been my favorite Pies & Mash around. Head upstairs for actual tables and some space. And warning the bathrooms in Europe are impossibly small. Be prepared to swing a leg over a toilet seat to get in the stall. Oh and bring tissues in your purse. I encountered a lot of lacking toilet paper dispensers.

Beer Garden by the Tower of London Bridge: Right below the bridge, on the other side from the fortress but same side of the river, there is a little suedo-garden space with a Starbucks and a couple food trucks. Grab a beer here and enjoy the view. You won’t get a better Instagram picture than that. It may have been one of my favorite moments.

The Vault: A bar hidden under the Tower of London bridge, on the opposite side of the river. There’s a little walk way leading to the museum that shows you the steam room for the bridge. The bar is right next to that. Grab a Pimms there. It’s delicious!

The Wolseley (Afternoon tea): Fancy and gorgeous. The tea and snacks are absolutely perfect, and they have a little bar waiting area. Make a reservation for sure. It’s right across the park from the palace so it’s the perfect time to do that entire area and get your royal vibes on. There’s a bar down the street that will give you a great beer too. The Wolseley door man will lead you in the right direction. Oh and we had a Harry Styles spotting there. So, that checked off our British Celeb spotting. If only Taylor Swift was there instead. If only.

Tonkotsu Bar & Ramen: I LOVE Ramen. This place was spot on with deliciousness. With homemade noodles, you can’t miss. I added an extra egg to get the full hard boiled egg. They usually only put in half. I wish I could have this once a week. Do not miss this place!!

Chor Bizarre (Indian): Dead serious Indian food. We ate our faces off here. A little more like a date night, in a nicer part of town. We had a great meal here.

Snowflake Gelato: Absolutely delicious. We stopped in here after Indian for a sweet treat. It was the perfect end to a date night.

Enjoy and tell me any of your favorite spots. I will definitely be back to London.



Once I was out and about I wasn’t a huge fan of the collar on collar look, but we weren’t going back to change my shirt. Warmth and function was priority at this point. Be just as comfortable as you are cute when traveling. Read my packing tips HERE.

Jacket by Forever21 (Similar) // Top by Target // Jeans by Paige Denim

Sweater by Bar III (old) // Boots by Frye // Backpack by ShoeDazzle // Hoops by Nadri