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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Boob Talk :: Breezy Breastfeeding

Before Reegan, I was not about the breastfeeding life. Sure, I was working with a company that helps promote lactation with an amazing on-the-go formula, but I myself didn’t think I would last more than 2 weeks nursing. Something about the mouth on boob thing secretly freaked me out. And I didn’t want to be “one of those moms” with her kids hand down her shirt. I’m not a boob person. When I had a flat chest, I still thought I had too much boobage. Not into it. I took the classes, but I was really just prepping to say “Look I tried.” Then Reegs was born. And it was the most natural thing in the world. Full convert.

Ollie & Olina’s Mompreneur Erika LaPean

Becoming a Mompreneur :: My Personal Experience & Tips!

When my first daughter was born, I wanted a beautiful keepsake that would forever remind me of those first precious months.  Using the sewing machine that my grandmother gave me 13 years ago, I created my first quilt. My vision for Ollie & Olina started here, and I didn’t even know it at the time. After a few trips to the fabric store and some pattern making, I soon had some bibs for my daughter and enough to give as gifts to friends that were having babies. So many friends and family were raving about my bibs that I kept making them. It was natural and I realized my deep passion for quilting. I loved giving quilts and making them. Quilting started to take over my life at home with a toddler.

 Over time, my family grew, along with my love for creating handmade heirloom treasures. This didn’t happen overnight. Seven years later I’ve only just reached the tip of my long journey ahead.

You Can Find us on Snapchat!

You guys… I’m addicted. My cousin taught me how to use Snapchat  a few weeks ago, and I can’t stop. I know I’m super late to the party, but it’s the best thing ever for nursing. It keeps me entertained, peeking in to people’s lives in just seconds, and making dumb faces. Since I realized I was basically just finding another outlet to put 3000 photos of Reegs up, I decided to mix it up a little. I have an incredible friend, Lindsey, who is a fitness and nutrition guru. (Lucky me!) I worked with her a few years back in LA and she gave me a bangin’ and super healthy bod. So last week, while I was sitting in my postpartum body slump I thought of her. Lindsey and I are working together again and I’m holding myself accountable on Snapchat.

What You Really Need in Your Diaper Bag!

Packing a diaper bag can be overwhelming as a new mom. It’s hard enough to keep a baby alive, but now you have to take it outside?! Luckily, nannying at least taught me this much. I was quick to prep a main diaper bag, and mini ones for each car and the stroller. Here is the best way to break it down…

Boob Talk :: Earth’s Love Tea’s Lactation Tea

For 2 years I have first hand witnessed Frances Titus, the creator and founder of Earth’s Love Tea Co., forge a trail like no other. Her tireless efforts attracted me to the company along with the ideas she’s had to genuinely make women’s lives easier. The birth of Earth’s Love Tea Co. came from the need for an cold on-the-go lactation tea. Something simple. A tear-and-pair tea for your water bottle. So she created one.

True Life :: Post Baby Body

Confession. I secretly thought this whole post baby body thing would be a piece of cake. So I ate all the cake I wanted. Ice cream too. Let me be clear… Post Baby Body is not a joke. I wish it were.

The Never Ending World of Baby Chairs

Do you remember that scene in Knocked Up where Paul Rudd just keeps switching from chair to chair in the Vegas hotel room? That is what my life feels like right now. There are too many chairs in this room. I don’t even know where to put all of these baby chairs. We have a 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom condo, which I feel should be plenty of space for 2 adults and a newborn. But she has so much stuff. Namely… chairs. Baby chairs.