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Daily Archives: May 5, 2016

Breastfeeding Style Tips

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Note from the Editor: When I was pregnant, I thought I had prepped for everything, but when Reegan was born I quickly realized that not only did 90% of my closet not fit my new body, but maybe only 1% of it fit my needs. Easy access to my boobs was not something I usually wanted when it came to style, but chest deep in breastfeeding all the time, I quickly realized I needed breastfeeding style help. I hate nursing bras and the occasional nursing tank from Target is fine for at home, but if I really planned on nursing for the next 6+ months, I thought how the heck was I going to do it as me? Enter the wonderful Veronica. I met Veronica on a commercial set a few years back and couldn’t be more thrilled to have kept in touch with her.  I asked her to share her best tips for keeping your style while breastfeeding. Not only as a stylist, but as a new mom to baby Ryder, Veronica knows whats she is talking about…

Veronica… take it from here!

Nursing tanks, button down shirts, cardigan sweaters, wrap dresses, nursing bras and covers… these were all suggestions from other moms to help make breast-feeding a little easier.  But wearing a cardigan sweater with a wrap dress just wasn’t me.

I was already finding it difficult to keep my style post baby. How can I wear my favorite red lipstick that I loved so much (sephora #16) and layered jewelry, while still caring for my new baby?  I didn’t want to scratch his beautiful new skin with a studded bracelet or have my lipstick smeared on his precious face.  I was looking forward to not wearing maternity clothes anymore, and dressing back to my old pre-baby self, once the weight was off that is.  But now I was being told the only way to easily breastfeed was to wear certain types of clothing, which didn’t really suit me.  How do I keep being me and having my style, while still being able to be a breastfeeding mom?