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Monthly Archives: July 2016

5 Tips to Getting The Best Photos of Your Baby

There is one thing every mom, and new family member, has in common, we never stop photographing these sweet babies. {Just check the hashtag #clickinmoms on Instagram!} But the truth is these adorable love bugs, are wiggly worms to stay the least. It’s taken some getting clever, and super silly, to getting successfully super cute snaps of Reegan. Photographing children is a talent. That is for sure. So I turned to my friend, Kim Bottalico of Kinosi Photography, to ask her top 5 tricks to taking the photos that last a lifetime.

I have used all these tricks when photographing Reegan. It’s amazing what a little time, and sometimes distraction, can turn into when you press that button at just the right moment. Remember that we are living in a digital world. It might take 15 photos to get the 1, but that’s ok! Just have fun!