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Daily Archives: August 4, 2016

Flying With Baby! (Carry-On Prep)

Flying with a baby. Lord, help me. I planned 4 solo flights with Reegan, within a 2 week period. Short ones. But, still. Sure, I have flown with a baby before. Once. When she was barely 2 months old. And with my husband’s help. But now with a wiggly, opinionated 6 month old? Oh buddy!

The hardest part in the preparation was packing my carry on’s. What would I need at the airport to save us from epic melt downs and trauma? I am the self proclaimed worst packer ever. I brought over SEVEN pairs of high heels on our honeymoon and didn’t use one pair. I pack a 50 pound bag for a weekend. For just me! I carry 2 carry on’s every single time I travel. My “What If” list in my head is SO long. So, when Jeff let me know that I needed to condensed me and Reegs’ things into one suitcase for a 2 week trip… deep breaths. Add in walking through airports with a baby, a stroller, a car seat, and a carry on. Prayers.