5 Tips to Getting The Best Photos of Your Baby

There is one thing every mom, and new family member, has in common, we never stop photographing these sweet babies. {Just check the hashtag #clickinmoms on Instagram!} But the truth is these adorable love bugs, are wiggly worms to stay the least. It’s taken some getting clever, and super silly, to getting successfully super cute snaps of Reegan. Photographing children is a talent. That is for sure. So I turned to my friend, Kim Bottalico of Kinosi Photography, to ask her top 5 tricks to taking the photos that last a lifetime.

I have used all these tricks when photographing Reegan. It’s amazing what a little time, and sometimes distraction, can turn into when you press that button at just the right moment. Remember that we are living in a digital world. It might take 15 photos to get the 1, but that’s ok! Just have fun!

1.    Practice patience. It just isn’t fun when you are trying to direct a kiddo into doing something they have no interest in doing. They get upset and you get upset and what was once a hopeful photoshoot is no longer fun! Keep your camera nearby and handy and pick it up when you see your little one in their own world. Sometimes it takes time to get a special shot.

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Luca just wasn’t having it the day we took Christmas photos…and who can blame the little guy?! At the end of the session, he was running around the yard at full speed when the sprinklers turned on. His glee can be felt through this image…all it took was some time to capture him in his glory!

2.     Get low. Children are tiny! Get on their level for a new perspective…their perspective. You will automatically see the world through their eyes and it will open up a new way of viewing the world through their lens.

getlow Little Evie is only 3 months in this photo, so poses were limited. Instead of having only photos looking down on her, I crouched onto my belly and got a profile pic of her little button nose. 

3.    Tricks! I like to utilize some elements of surprise when it comes to capturing my subjects. An example of one that has worked well in the past is bubbles! Kids love bubbles and they make for a fun background in photos. Small props help provide interest for children – use some meaningful objects to enhance your photos.


tricks to get the best photo of your baby by Kinso A simple prop can work wonders…such as the tiny American flag Stryker is holding here. He kept swirling it in the sand so I only needed to place him in the right light and click away.

4.    Follow the light. One major component that separates a good photo from a great photo is LIGHT. My first photography teacher basically engrained it into my head to always follow the light and I live by that motto every time I shoot. Learn where the light is best in your home – peeking through the windows or coming in through an open door – and utilize it to your advantage if you can’t get outside for photos.


Here is a photo of precious Margaux. During her 6 month photos, there was a strong ray of light streaming through the window and I just had to take some photos of her looking towards the window. The result was a chiaroscuro effect on her profile.


5.    Play with your camera settings. Mistakes are okay! It is important to learn your camera and play with it. Set aside some time to learn a new trick and then try it on your own. For example, how about slowing down the shutter to capture your little one moving quickly – getting a little blur will help add movement to the photo and even though it may not be perfect, it may be interesting and a good representation of their speed and energy at this time in their life!

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Overexposure worked in this case. The lighting was subdued with a cast over sky and Ella was rocking some Lily Pulitzer so it was fun to make those colors pop as well as her baby blues.


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