10 Month’s :: Clothing Favorites

So, I’ll be the first to admit, I LOVE buying clothing for Reegs, but I also have to be honest and say I put her in the same stuff over and over again. Why? Because those things just work. And this whole mom thing is hard enough as it is. To make her look an like an Insta-Baby all the time it a joke. I don’t know how those moms do it. Teach me your ways, Unicorns! Teach me your ways! Anyways. I wanted to share our favorite go to’s with all of you.

Our Favorites

Footie Pajamas. These fleece footies are from Target. I have purchased a few from other places, but Just One You by Carter’s has it going on. They are cheap, cozy, and Reegy can’t get her feet out of them. Reegs, like her father, hates things on her feet. She looses her sweet mind if I forget to take her shoes and socks off in the carseat before driving off. (I really need to train her for ballet tights. Or she’s going to have to take the Nastia Liukin path.) It’s in the 20’s here at night, and while I have a mini space heater in her room, and the house set to 72, her little hands and feet can get like ice at 3am. I know because I’m usually in there nursing her around then, and nothing else makes me say ‘I wish you would please sleep through the night’  like tiny frozen hands feeling around my boobs at 3am. Targét for the win here.

Black Fleece Lined Leggings. Another Target winner. These guys are by Cat & Jack, and she wears them practically daily. Under dresses, with leggings… doesn’t matter. They are simple and cozy and when I am running errands, regular leggings aren’t going to cut it in these low temps. They currently have them in lavender and white with gold polka dots right now. So cute.

GAP Lined Denim Jacket. I mean Come ON! I get comments on how cute this jacket is daily. My mom got it for her because I was practically birthed in GAP Denim. It’s the easiest warm jacket ever. It goes with everything. And over everything. It’s so sweet. Obsessed.

GAP Sherpa Booties. Baby Uggs basically, but like half the price. So easy to put on (and apparently take off according to Reegs), but really perfect for the season. Indoor or outdoor.

GAP Knit Sweater Dress. She wears this A LOT. (As well as some H&M t-shirt dresses that they don’t have any more, but I’ll link them when they are back up.) I can throw a long sleeved onesie and tights on with this dress and I know she is comfy and warm.

GAP Peter Pan Collared Onesie. We have these in so many colors. They go with leggings, dresses, jumpers, jeans. Everythang. So classic. Whether you are a mom, or heading to a baby shower, or looking for a Christmas gift (shipping is good right now!), these are perfect. You can never have too many. GAP tip: Only shop sales. There are sales every other day giving you 40% off. SBJ don’t pay full price.

Freshly Picked (c/o) Moccasins. Freshly Picked was so sweet and sent these over when I was pregnant and the blog was running over at FromCtoC. I’ll admit that they are pricey for baby shoes, but she has worn these babies for months. They are so cute with her little leggings or jeans. I went with the Heirloom, but they have a million colors to choose from. I can see a few more of these sneaking into her closet soon.

Cat & Jack Tights. I mean how dang cute are these?! So warm too. I throw these on under her overalls or with her sweater dress for added warmth. People pretty much die over them.

Pink Baby Converse. I have been wearing low top converse since I was 15. In fact I still have my first pair in my closet. And now white converse are a staple in my wardrobe. My niece sent us these pink ones and my heart explodes when Reegs wears them. They are just so dang cute and match her sassy attitude.

What clothing items are you using over and over these day?

Let me know in the comments!