The Best Baby Shower Gifts – A Complete List!

I loved my baby shower(s) and will start by saying that every gift came in mega handy. But there are a few things that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without. AND of course, I asked my Facebook tribe what their favorite baby shower gifts or products were.  The answers are listed below!! Let me know if I left anything out!

Here are some go to’s to grab on your way to your next shower or add to your own registry!

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MilkBarn Stroller Blanket. This sweet hedgehog blanket is adorable. I love how it’s girly without going crazy, but I had no idea how often we would use it in the early days of Reegs life. My husband became obsessed with swaddling while we were in the hospital and became a quick pro at it. A pro with a serious opinion about the swaddle score of a blanket. This MilkBarn blanket was his favorite. It’s thick enough to have the ability to give a perfect swaddle tuck, but not too hot or bulky to worry about her. Plus, I like that once swaddle days ended, it turned into the perfect multi-purpose blanket that we will use for years to come. Ours came it a cute suitcase set with a matching onesie and burp clothes. I love all of it, and I use the suitcase for all of Reegs bows.

4Moms Temperature Reading Infant Tub. Reegs loves a bath, and I love that this tells me what temperature the water is. I am a fan of a scolding hot shower, so what works for me does not work for baby girl. This tub keeps me on track. You can even get a tub that comes with a temperature reader for your bathtub as well, so the pack grows with the baby. It also has drains strategically placed, so that baby is always in clean water.

Diaper Genie. We have 3. So clearly everyone agrees with me. And we use all 3. I have one at my moms house, one in our living room, and one in Reegs room. This diaper pail is awesome and I have gifted it to many friends after my nannying days. No smells. Just the way I like it. I suggest grabbing an extra set of bags, because you will go through them quickly.

QBit Stroller & GB Asana35 Carseat. This is a mega gift. But one I received at my shower and use daily. I love this stroller and carseat so much. It’s SO easy to travel with and the stroller folds up into a nice tight little package. It can even fit over head in an airplane. While one day I would love a jogging stroller, there’s no where to jog here and this works perfectly for our current lifestyle. We leave the stroller in the car’s trunk and grab it on our way out for a walk since our apartment doesn’t really have storage space.

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling. This is a gift I bought myself. I debated it FOREVER. And by forever I mean 3-4 weeks. I am so glad I got it. Either I didn’t know how to use it the first 6 weeks or what, but Reegs was not having it. And then one day she fell asleep in it… Now it’s my dream come true. The moment I put her in it with a pacifier she passes out. She loves the damn thing. I love it because she loves it. I have the bare minimum one but they can get pretty fancy. I may invest in a silk one because let’s be real… it’s fashion too.

Robes. I was not a robe person until Reegs was born. In the hospital you live in them because a hospital gown is sad and thin, but you still need easy access to everything. Then you come home, and if you’ve had a c-section pants are out, plus breast feeding, you just want to be naked. But you also definitely don’t want to be naked. I lived in robes. One of our friends got me this matching set for me and Reegs to match jammies which was SO cute. And my mom got me THIS ONE and I love it so much it hurts. It has a zipper and pockets and is thick enough that you don’t need to wear anything under. (Except you will be wearing a nursing bra and hospital underwear underneath because postpartum is disgusting.)

Catch All Basket. This is a basket I’ll be putting together for future babies in our friends lives. Some for mom and some for baby. Not exciting to all, but once baby arrives you’ll use everything, and when you need it, you NEED it. I’ll do an entire post on it soon, but basically… Medela nipple shields, white soft long-sleeved onesies in Newborn and 0-3, Soothie pacifiers, plain white socks, an Aden+Anais bamboo blanket, a beanie for baby, Bamboobies, Sophie the Giraffe, Aquaphor Baby, a favorite book, and a Lifefactory glass bottle or two. (My cousin got me the Lifefactory bottles and they saved us. They are the only ones Reegs likes.) You can never have enough of those things. Never.

My Husband’s Favorite’s:

The Ergo 360WubbanubBouncer

We Asked Facebook… || Other’s Favorite Baby Gifts!

*Hint: Everyone loves their Rock ‘N Play.

Jessica Garcia of The Petite Diaries: well I always give a gift basket of the little stuff. Like Vitamin D, first aid kit, a soft blanket, a gift card for a date night and a bottle of wine 🙂

Nina from The HSS Feed: 4moms infant tub, sleep sheep and bath products

Sarah C: Aden and Anais bamboo blankets or the Rock ‘N Play 🙂

Kristen P: Sound machine!!!!!!! Ergo360. Rock ‘N Play

Angela M: My city mini GT stroller. And my baby ergo carrier.

Ashley M:  Halo bassinet, Mamaroo & the Chicco Pack ‘n Play!

Rebecca B: Rock ‘N Play for sure. And our Milk Snob car seat cover ??

Ashley L: The best thing that I received, and now give, is a hospital bag! A cute bag with alllll of the toiletries the mom AND dad would need. Snacks. Vending machine money. Socks. And then usually a cute baby outfit. One less thing the momma has to worry about

Erika L: Heirloom quilt from 

Jayme F: Wubbanub

Brittany KR: Rock ‘n Play & Newborn Boppy

Ileah FH: My stroller! Bugaboo Bee. Love love love it. Sits upright or lays down, can face either parent or outward. Doubles as parent seat on a number of occasions. Easy to clean, huge basket holds a nice cooler bag, and hardly ever tips over!!!

Kristen O: Puj tub. Rock ‘N Play. Lanolin.

Jessica Mary Alice: Sound machine, Wubbanubs, and Woombie swaddle (basically anything to make her sleep?)

Sheena B: Sound machine and car seat cover (to keep all the strangers away ?)… And helped when we went out and it was chilly or in a restaurant

Kristin H: Nose Frida! It’s really been the best thing during baby colds.

Sarah M: Lobster chair!!!! So much better then a normal chair. This let’s my youngest sit at the dinning table with us and I take it to restaurants. Love it!

Amanda W: Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm…I put it on every diaper change and neither of my twins have even been slightly red. Also love my Nuna Pipa carseat. They have a built in cover so no one can touch your kids 🙂 Also the snuza hero. Because I’m paranoid they might stop breathing ?

Lauren H: Colic Calm ?

Tayton M: sofa cleaner to clean up all the spit up…

Callie M: Ergo, all of our books, the kiinde breastfeeding gift set (pump, store and feed all from the same bag) bamboo blankets that I wish we had brought to the hospital since our chunker barely fit in the hospital blankets, dermoplast ?

Ashley H: I always give Zutano booties, Baby Bjorn bib, and Table Toppers as a baby gift. They’re my favorite baby/toddler things that I didn’t know about before I had my own. If you’re in a cold state, the booties are a must have!!!

Daniela F: I would not have survived without my Bugaboo Donkey…. And Boppy pillows