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Summer Style Inspiration

I have an Rodan+Field beach retreat coming up at the end of this month and I’m so excited. It’s amazing to know that these are the women I will get to travel with forever. And we will get to go on these awesome trips because we are helping people change their lives and embrace their healthiest skin. Plus we get to keep adding fun people to the crew.

So naturally, when I go on a trip, I decide I need all new clothing. I have been finding myself clicking on SheIn a few times and I’ve ordered from them before (I talked about it HERE) and there’s a few things to note. Make sure it says Priority Dispatching and read the reviews!! Reviews with customer images are the go-to’s.  Regardless of if I grab these exact ones, or use these for inspiration, I thought these styles are adorable for Summer. Having a toddler, I need to make sure my clothing is practical, but I also like to have a fun earring to go with my practical clothing to spruce things up when I sneak out.

How cute is that fringe sleeve shirt and those gold hammered earrings?! Everything on here is $20 or less. You can grab insurance on the items for $1.99 and then your return is free. So that’s a total win.

What have been your summer style finds?

I know tassel earrings are the rage and I love them, but that might be A LOT of twinning when you get all the girls together.

Beach Cover Up Dress|| Fringe Tee || White Tee w Ruffle Hem || Blue Striped Plunge Dress || Cold Shoulder Tie Shirt ||Palm Dress ||  Face Earrings || Gothic Black Leaf Earrings || Gold Etched Earrings


SheIn :: Haul Life

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Until yesterday, I had never ordered from SheIn, BUT I’ve frequented their site so so many times. The low prices and cute clothes just suck you in, not to mention every blogger sports their swag. I just couldn’t bring myself to click confirm. But yesterday… I did. And I’m pumped.

Mom life has thrusted my style life down to basically zero and it kills me. I’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy size, but not really, and now I have these boobs to deal with. Making a good 80% of my wardrobe useless. I’m not in the market to spend a million dollars on a new closet, but I wanted a few pieces that make me feel cute and fresh. Plus, I love a box of clothing arriving.