Checking In

Here we are. A few long and delirious weeks in our new home. 90% of our belongings trapped on a dock in Nassau, the other 10% put away in some haphazard ‘we have no furniture’ way. The air is beginning to crisp. My favorite uniforms (sweaters, jeans and boots) are back in play. And the holidays are quickly approaching. So, how are we?

Well. We are doing amazing. Sure, Jeff’s hours are longer than they were the last few years, and Reegy’s ability to get into EVERYTHING is growing daily. I’m exhausted by her consistently have more energy than me, but I have never been happier. Cheesy. Fine. But true. Slowly we are making this house our home. And while the vast empty spaces are far from ‘finished’, they are quickly filling with memories and love.

So, what are my favorite parts? The food. The square. The weather. The house. The ability to access anything. Target. The road trips. The list is long. (And I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I just need to organize my thoughts.) But mainly, I love moments like this one that Jeff captured in our back yard after work yesterday. I love the quality of the family time we get here. The life we are able to create for Reegs.

It’s amazing to watch her flourish. She is becoming such a personality. A complete ham. She has a dry sense of humor. Thinks Target is a parade. She’s active, and smart, and goofy. It’s amazing. It’s just amazing to fall in love with someone more and more everyday who doesn’t speak your language. Sure I loved her when she was born, but now we are buddies. We get each other. I have learned her noises, and her habits. She has learned mine. Although she thinks it’s hilarious when I shout “No!” We are becoming a little team. I feel blessed.

I have this incredible relationship with my mom, and I pray that I get that with Reegan.

As we settle into our new rhythm, I’m excited for the pay off the last few years brought. I’m excited for the luxuries of 2016. To be able to stay at home and still work. I’m excited to get on some form of schedule with The Peanut, so that I can let my creative juices flow. I’m excited to show the people I love around, and create a space people are drawn to.

I’m just honestly so excited.

And I have big plans for Me&  So, as we get settles, stay tuned here.

Until then… Here is us playing in the yard.

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