Design Inspiration || Guest Room

My entire life is Blue, Gray, Beige, and White. Simple. Basic B. Classic. Whatever you want to call it. I know what I like. It works for me, and therefore I just keep heading in that direction. When it came to grabbing a few things to make our guest room cozy ASAP, I ran to my trusty Targét down the street. Threshold never fails me.

When I was planning our wedding, I remember being the most annoying bride ever by never telling anyone our ‘color’ or ‘theme’. There was no ‘theme’ or ‘color’, there were shades and vibes. Annoying. I know. I don’t care, it came out gorgeous. So, moving into our first home, we have basically been implementing those wedding shades and vibes, into an entire house. So far, so good.

At first I picked up the blanket it navy, but after painting the room and seeing how fresh and bright it looked, I quickly decided that I wanted to keep it airy and bright. So back to the store I went, and exchanged the navy for beige. { Quick Tip! I had Googled the blanket in the store to see what it looked like unfolded, and found it on their site $20 off! They price matched it for me at Guest Services. Score! If something is pricey, always double check it online!}

I want to add in a fluffy white duvet and 2 white euro shams to finish off the bedding. So it would be white tight sheets, Tucked in beige yarn knitted blanket, fluffy white duvet, gray knit throw blanket.

I would love for the guest room to feel like a retreat, a cozy clean and fresh hotel room. I know our family and friends can’t wait to visit, but giving them that extra excitement. Our room is still a mattress on the floor, but I want our guest to feel comfortable. There’s a long way before it’s the fluffy oasis I have in mind, in real life. But we are getting there!

These were my inspiration pulls…


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