Boob Talk :: Earth’s Love Tea’s Lactation Tea

For 2 years I have first hand witnessed Frances Titus, the creator and founder of Earth’s Love Tea Co., forge a trail like no other. Her tireless efforts attracted me to the company along with the ideas she’s had to genuinely make women’s lives easier. The birth of Earth’s Love Tea Co. came from the need for an cold on-the-go lactation tea. Something simple. A tear-and-pair tea for your water bottle. So she created one.

Not just any tea, an organic, high quality tea thats amps up your milk supply like nothing else. And now she is in the process of securing the funding she needs to bring it to the world. I have never seen someone so selflessly want to create something. So, for 2 years, I have been helping her to my best abilities with outreach and social media.

I sent tea to “influencers” that were currently breastfeeding, shared links with my friends, scheduled social media posts, and reached out to media outlets. But I had yet to be able to see what the effects of the tea were personally.

Two months ago, Reegan entered my life and while I didn’t think breastfeeding was going to be for me, it just worked. And now here I am worried about my milk supply. When do I pump with her on me all the time? How can I leave her with anyone for 5 seconds if I don’t have a milk stash? What if I get sick? Will I ever let my husband help me in the middle of the night? Am I eating enough? Is she eating enough? If I work out will my supply go down? Milk supply questions ring through my head all day long.

Franny to the rescue.

While the tear-and-pair Plentiful Packs are not ready, Franny couldn’t wait to help people. So she made a traditional brew. A bag big enough to steep 8 cups of tea. Steep it all at once, let it cool, drink it as iced tea in this ridiculous Spring/Summer island heat. Deal. Let’s do this.

There is now a pitcher of lactation tea in my fridge. It’s a new staple. I’m able to have enough milk to feed Reegs and pump after. And personally, I like the taste. You can add coconut or almond milk if you aren’t a tea lover like me and want a little sweetness.

I love supporting friends and celebrating women helping women so I couldn’t help but share. If you are breastfeeding head over to ELTC and grab a Plentiful Traditional Brew, and if you aren’t she has traditional’s for calming and peacefulness too.

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