Office Inspo!

We bought a house!

We are closing in less than two weeks, and there will be some HOME posts coming your way! {Whoot Whoot!} Right now I’m in this mode where I was when I first got engaged, constantly on Pinterest, laying things out in my mind, but not pulling the trigger on anything. I want to live in the space and feel each room out. But I also love me a vision board. So, I will be sharing those with you here!

It’s just so hard though because I’m evacuated from Nassau (Thanks a lot, Hurricane Matthew!) and staying in a hotel for the last week and a half. So, I’m just dying to nest.

Some of these things I’ll buy, and some I will use for inspiration when I go to antique stores or local markets. In Los Angeles, I decorated 80% of our home with the Fairfax Trading Post and it made me so happy. It’s like an adult scavenger hunt. Heck, it all might be thrown away when I fall in lust with some random chair. I know me. It could happen.

We aren’t going to be one of these families that gets to gut everything right away, and show you perfect before and afters, but I will share the real stories with you. Maybe a vlog coming soon?

Our first battle: wallpaper.

There is wallpaper in multiple rooms, including the kitchen, and bold paint colors else where. I might be buying stock in Edgecomb Grey. It’s become a Pinterest favorite.

If you have any tips or favorite places to shop, online or in Georgia, let me know!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE home decor and will be happy to see all your photos and links!

Desk || Light || Rug || Shelves 


And stay tuned because I will add office favorites here!


  • Elena Zahir

    I love home decor! Your vision board is beautiful, I’m excited to see the final result 🙂 Much love!
    xxx Elena

    • I decided to how with navy walls (Inkwell by Sherwin Williams) but the pinks and golds are all staying!! It’s such a slow process but I love it.

  • Sarah

    I love everything about this! While I don’t have too much control over my desk at work, my dream is to have a little in-home office. Thanks for the inspiration!

    xoxo, Sarah /

    • I’m really enjoying having a home office for the first time. Your work space is so personal. How do you go about making it honey at the office??