The Never Ending World of Baby Chairs

Do you remember that scene in Knocked Up where Paul Rudd just keeps switching from chair to chair in the Vegas hotel room? That is what my life feels like right now. There are too many chairs in this room. I don’t even know where to put all of these baby chairs. We have a 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom condo, which I feel should be plenty of space for 2 adults and a newborn. But she has so much stuff. Namely… chairs. Baby chairs.


I don’t know what it is, but you need them all.

Here is our current baby chair situation…

  1. My Little Lamb Platinum Deluxe (yes, seriously) Rock ‘N Play Sleeper
  2. Rainforest Jumperroo
  3. Graco Simple Sway Swing
  4. Frog Sit Me Up Floor Seat
  5. Bumbo

Five chairs for a human the size of our cat.

And she uses ALL of them DAILY.

  1. My Little Lamb Platinum Deluxe (yes, seriously) Rock ‘N Play Sleeper: This thing is magic. So many mommies told me this Rock ‘N Play was a must have when I was pregnant. First off, it’s adorable, but really the babies love it because it feels like they are being hugged. It’s common for babies to want to be carried and held non-stop, this chair is designed to cradle the baby and keep them feeling warm and loved. I personally love how light weight it is. I can carry it from room to room. This one follows me into the bathroom when I shower, she takes full naps in it, and some mommies even told me that their little ones slept in their Rock ‘N Play for up to the first 6 months of their life! I’m a crazy new mom who googles everything and am terrified of SIDS so I had her sleep in her Pack-n-Play for the first 2 months until she went to her crib.
  2.  Rainforest Jumperroo: Let’s be honest… This thing is an eyesore unless you have a playroom. It’s absurdly colorful and the music is insane. Reegs loves it. She wins. She’s a little small for it still, but I roll up a swaddle blanket and put it around her waist to make the chair a good size for her. She lasts about 5 minutes in this one due to her age, but she smiles so big during those 5 minutes. I think this massive play jumper is going to be a staple. Pray for a playroom in the next house.
  3. Graco Simple Sway Swing: When I nannied, I was obsessed with swings of all forms. I had babies who would only nap in their swing. The swing saved my young life. When we got our swing, my husband thought it couldn’t possibly be necessary. It is. He believes me now. She has taken a nap in this swing almost every single day of her life so far. You need this. It’s huge, but you need it.
  4. Frog Sit Me Up Floor Seat: We just added this cute little chair to the Baby Chairs Party. I chose the frog (multi-colored) one out of pure vanity. Which means I skipped out on the tray that comes on the Lion and the Giraffe versions. Reegs loves this chair too. She will actually sit in it for good chunks of time. Maybe 10-15 minutes. The chair is a little sloped, more like a hammock seat, so it’s much more comfortable for her. It also folds down flat. So it’s easy to take it from place to place. We have taken it to friends houses and we plan on bringing it to the beach this summer. Since the fabric chair is washer-safe I plan on pouring cold water on the seat to keep baby Reegs cooled off during the summer heat. I’m sure the tray will be useable in the long run for puffs and toys, but I don’t think it’s a necessity. It’s not what we are using it for. I’m ok with skipping it.
  5. Bumbo: This baby chair has not graced our home yet, but I figured it’s only a matter of time so I threw it in. Several mommies have recommended to it me for both the beach and the bath. Since Reegs is a major water baby, our bumbo-less days are numbered.

What are your favorite baby chairs? Am I missing a staple?