Ollie & Tate :: Giveaway!!

I need a moment. Reegan sprouted the tip of her first tooth this week, and I’m just not ready. I thought we had at least 2 more months of that gummy grin, but it turns out, Reegs is ahead of the game. (I can feel the second one coming soon.) I do have to admit that I had a feeling this moment was coming. The drool was becoming uncontrollable, and our sleeping situation is a train-wreck. So, in preparation for this moment, and in an effort to protect her super cute clothing from being soaked 10x a day, I reached out to Ollie & Tate

Ollie & Tate is the cutest organic bib and teether shop on Etsy, and I have been seeing their stuff all over Instagram. Because I love my mom tribe SO much, I wanted to do a giveaway with them. So here we are!! Hooray!

Based out of Michigan, Ollie & Tate is run by Laura, a momma of FIVE little ones. So she obviously knows the teething drill, and how weary we are of what these babies are chewing on! Her organic cotton jersey teethers are absolutely gorgeous with a maple wood ring coated in organic olive oil and beeswax for baby’s chewing pleasure. She has adorable sets available, most being colorful and gender neutral at the same time. I’m a huge fan of gender neutral pieces because I’m hoping for another baby down the line and buying everything twice sounds insane to me.

I’ve tried a few drool bibs and this one is my favorite so far. It definitely soaks up the slimy mess and it lays well. Which has been such a relief! I’ve had issues with some of the bandana bibs covering Reegan’s mouth.  The worst! Like you have one job bib and I don’t think it’s helping my 4 month old daughter rob a bank.

I’m so happy I found Ollie & Tate.

ANY WHO… here’s how to win an Ollie & Tate bib and teether for you little turtle. Use the gleam widget below to follow me and Ollie & Tate on Instagram and favorite their ETSY shop for bonus points! The winner will get to pick out the bib and teether of their choice!!

On Reegan :: Ollie & Tate Bib (c/o) || Sapling Child Lace Bodysuit || Ollie & Tate Teether (c/o)

GIVEAWAY CLOSED :: Winner – Callie

  • oh, so so sweet!! I love these pictures!

    • Thank you!! She’s a little ham.

    • Thank you! So fun to shoot her.

  • Karin Rambo

    She’s adorable! I know the feeling of teeth though, my daughter had everything but her molars by a year. And she now has her full set and she’s just 18 months!

    • That is insane!! I can’t imagine. But I’m probably on that path.

    • That you! Now she is getting her top ones! It’s going so quickly!!