Patio Inspiration

“Winter is over, which means just one thing…” – Olaf

It means that I’m in our backyard with Reegan on a daily basis. Seriously. This kid wakes up, grabs her shoes, and walks to the back door. I feel pretty lucky to have a backyard after 13 years in apartments, but as of right now, there’s no where to lounge and chill. So as I sit in the grass, I often day dream about what patio furniture I would love on our patio and deck. The list of things to get for this house is never ending, so it’ll be a hot second (Jeff says years. Dear Sweet Jesus…) before we actually get these pieces… But this is what I’m thinking…

** Details Under $50 at the bottom!**

1. Rocklin Set || 2. Bistro Set || 3. Woodstock Wooden Set || 4. Porto Loveseat

I love all of these in white or a light cream. But the loveseat in that dusty blue is just gorgeous; and a great pop of color! Plus it will probably last longer with Reegs around. Even their touch of the hydrangeas in the pots are perfect. (Although I’m loving these white ceramic pots below!)

As for details, I love mixing metals and textures. (Be careful not to get all over the place!) I don’t love being locked in to one color or texture which is why I tend to go with shades of beiges and gray and white in every room in our home. If you stay true to your style and allow yourself to be a little eclectic, beautiful things can happen. And then if you ever want to add something in or switch something out it’s no big deal!

Here are some details under $50 that are on my patio wishlist…

How gorgeous are these inspo photos from Decor Gold? Ah. Maze. Ing.

What pieces have you gotten for your patio that you absolutely love?