What You Really Need in Your Diaper Bag!

Packing a diaper bag can be overwhelming as a new mom. It’s hard enough to keep a baby alive, but now you have to take it outside?! Luckily, nannying at least taught me this much. I was quick to prep a main diaper bag, and mini ones for each car and the stroller. Here is the best way to break it down…

Baby Things:

  • Twice as many diapers as you think you need. We carry around 15-20 diapers. I know that sounds excessive, but Reegan is still little and poop explosions can catch us off guard. Sometimes an explosion is a two diaper change. One to protect the surface she’s on  and get her clean (this one is at major risk for still getting messy), and then a second for the actual diaper that stays on her body.
  • Wipes. Those 18 pack wipes in the travel section of Target work great for my mini bags, but for the main bag I have the snap top full pack. I hate constantly refilling the bag so this works perfectly.
  • A change of clothing. Plus PJs if we will be out past 6pm.
  • Socks. Dear Lord, what is it with babies and socks? They will never stay on her feet. I love having a back up pair for when Reegs kicks her socks off and someone inevitably says “Oh poor baby her toes must be cold, you really should have socks on her.” (Insert eye roll emoji.)
  • Hat. We carry a sun hat because we live in the islands. You do you. However they do where you’re from.
  •  A zippered pouch with Aquaphor, baby friendly Hand Sanitizer, and gripe water.
  •  A swaddle blanket. I carry an Aden and Anais Muslin blanket because they are so multi-purpose. I can use them as a cover for breastfeeding, let her lay on it, wrap her in it if she gets cold, cover the stroller or car seat if it’s too bright or windy outside. I love them.
  • Burp cloth(es). My favorite is the Aden and Anais one our friends got us from MakaBoo. I know we wont lose it but her name is on it.
  • Pacifiers. You need back ups. That’s all.
  • Pee Pads. Now listen. Public changing tables are disgusting and your friends like their furniture. There is nothing easier than pulling out a piddle pad to change a dirty diaper on. I made the mistake of changing a blow out diaper on a neighbors bed, and got baby poop on their blanket. OxiClean is the only thing that will get that mustard stain out. When my friend asked her doctor what the difference was between the ones for babies and the ones for puppies, he said “the human once costs twice as much”. Just buy the puppy ones.

Mommy Things:

  • A set of disposable nipple pads. I wear bamboo washable pads (either these or these) at all times. But I fear losing one in a public place, so I carry a set of the toss-able ones in the diaper bag. I don’t like them. I think they hurt but if they were the only ones around, they would be in my bra.
  • A pad/tampon: One of the joys of having a baby and breastfeeding is that you may or may not get your period. There is no way to know when it will come. It may not come while breastfeeding at all.
  • Nipple Shield. This is for both of you but you need them in your life if you are breastfeeding. I carry one in the diaper bag (sometimes 2) and one in my bra. It’s a super thin silicone cover for your nipple and everyone is secretly using them. For a million reasons. Short nipples, cracked nipples, heavy let down. It helps everything.
  • Throw in a power bar or a snack too. Nursing takes a ton of energy. If you find yourself without food for too long, make sure you have something to munch on in the meantime.

Facebook Mom Tribe Tips!! (Keep ’em coming!)

  • Include a puppy poop bag dispenser! Munchkin makes one with Arm and Hammer but the puppy ones are once again more cost effective. This is PERFECT for those baby blowouts and you can buy them in bulk on Amazon. Throw Baby’s messy diaper and even messy clothing in a puppy bag to keep a clean diaper bag. 
  • Pack an extra shirt for you! Maybe even an extra outfit for you in the car! Baby wearing can get messy. Heck even just baby holding of any kind can get messy. Reegs destroyed my moms white jeans at merely 4-5 weeks old. You can’t wipe that stuff off. Only Oxiclean has worked in this house. It’s easy to only think of Baby and forget about yourself. Trust me and Kelley… you don’t want to be stuck with Baby clean and you covered in sh*t.

Some Organizing Tips!

  • Grab the pacifier and the nipple shield and place it in a mini tupperware. This will keep it clean and easy to find.  We have these tupperware’s stacked in the kitchen. We have 4 ready at all times. We got our tupperware in a set at Ikea for peanuts. We use the bigger pieces for food in the fridge, but the mini ones are perfect for pacifiers and nipple shields.
  • Place all of the medicines and ointments in a zipper bag. I have found cute ones in the check out lanes at Forever21, Old Navy, and TJ Maxx. This makes it easy when you need to find something. You aren’t checking every dang pocket in the bag, you just grab the zipper pouch. I am currently using a Kate Spade iPad zipper case from TJ Maxx and I love it. If you want to be super woman you can make one… I’m not that person. Gallon sized ziplocks work too!

What do you carry in your diaper or “go” bag? Anything I’m missing in mine? Share your ways!