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Until yesterday, I had never ordered from SheIn, BUT I’ve frequented their site so so many times. The low prices and cute clothes just suck you in, not to mention every blogger sports their swag. I just couldn’t bring myself to click confirm. But yesterday… I did. And I’m pumped.

Mom life has thrusted my style life down to basically zero and it kills me. I’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy size, but not really, and now I have these boobs to deal with. Making a good 80% of my wardrobe useless. I’m not in the market to spend a million dollars on a new closet, but I wanted a few pieces that make me feel cute and fresh. Plus, I love a box of clothing arriving. 

Since shipping can take a while to my little rock, I decided to do a haul post so show you what I got. There’s a theme… off the shoulder and baggy. (My mom will be thrilled.)

Here’s why:

1. I’m still breastfeeding (yay 4+ months!!) so I need some access to the chest area.

2. BUT my stomach isn’t back to flat yet so I need a flow.

Enter 90’s peasant top. 

I am praying these SheIn pieces work, and I tried my best to follow the advice of those who have gone before me (Shout out to Ashley Brooke, LegalLeeBlonde, and The Diary of a Debutante). Their advice was to…

Only purchase things with reviews. Preferably items with buyers own photos

And stick with things that ship in 24 hours. Those pieces are coming from the US and not internationally shipped. Which means they either ship those things more often, and/or they are higher quality. 

Having followed those instructions, I also feel a duty to post my reviews of SheIn clothing when they arrive. So I’ll be reviewing each item, snapping them, and posting my reviews on their website as well. It’s the least I can do for all the other ladies wondering it that $11.99 top is a flop or a unicorn.

Here are links to my haul…

  1. The review for this black off the shoulder piece was that it’s super cute, but longer than expected. I actually don’t mind that. I love a flowy top tucked partially  into a denim short so I’m game. Fingers crossed on this one for real.
  2. This little white number was purchased as a bathing suit cover up. I always have visions of me dressing super cute to the beach and end up in a PFG. Since we have been heading to the pool more than the beach these days, and staying for pizza and beers at friends after, I decided to plunge the $14.99 for this dress. It seems effortless yet practical. This dress had no reviews but it ships within 24 hours.
  3. Moving away from the off the shoulder trend, I was trying to find something more well suited for a bra. This top has a peplum bottom, which I love and layered seems in the back. I feel like, if properly ironed, this one could be a staple for me. I envision it with denim shorts and sandals in the summer for lunch or our Friday night family dinners, and skinny jeans on our house hunting trip coming up this August-September. There was a photo review and it looked thinner, but really adorable.
  4. Ok. This peasant top is what started the fire. I have seen this exact top on about 15 blogger Instagram’s. Everyone seems to love it. It looks on trend and cozy as hell. I got it in the pale blue, and it works out, I’ll be buying it in white as well.
  5. I wanted to throw some color into my bag. White is a major favorite of mine when it comes to tops. This red off the shoulder top seemed manageable. I’m always carrying Reegan and I felt like the straps paired with the drooping shoulder sleeves would help keep themselves up instead of me constantly pulling up and down. It’s a layered top so Im hoping for a little belly coverage. I like it.
  6. Another spin on my 3rd item, this boxy peplum top is a girls night contender. I envision it with skinny jeans and motorcycle boots.
  7. Ok here is where I lost my mind a little bit. SheIn has extensive size guides on every item. Mainly because every piece is made out of house at some factory so every item has a different fit. The denim seems to be made for children when you read the size guide which led me to ordering an XL or L. I can’t remember. I have a gut wrenching feeling that when they come they won’t fit over my thighs, but I’m going to take a chance for a few bucks. I really want white shorts to go with picks 1 and 4 as pictured, but this might have been a delusional mistake. I promise to tell you how it goes. It might make for some great (or sad) snapping.
  8. And finally… a wrap around choker for $4. Because the 90’s are back my friend, and what is a peasant top with out a black choker? As if.


Have you ever ordered from SheIn?

What are your favorite pieces from there?