Treat Yo Self to a JORD Watch Giveaway!

You. Guys. It’s 2017. Like when did that happen?! How was everyones holiday season?! Ours was so relaxing. I took a detox from social media here and there and started to get my life together after this insane move. We had visitors in town and even went on a little weekend getaway to Charlotte to visit a few friends, played trivia, restored some furniture (you can always see that going on on my Snapchat), and did about a thousand trips to my mecca, Targét. It was one of those months that just flowed right by in the best kind of way.

In all the hustle, JORD watches reached out to me and it was a pretty fun email. Because this time, it was for my husband!

I know people want to harp on dads, but I just can’t. Jeff is amazing. When he is home he picks up any slack with Reegan. He makes sure I have time for myself. He does laundry and cooks and cleans and restores random furniture I collect like lost puppies. He works hard, never complains, and often goes thankless. He isn’t one to express a ton of ‘wants’. He cares more about the wants of me and Reegan. Fulfilling those makes him happy. And even though I ask over and over again what gifts he would like, he tries to stay minimal. So, when I called him up and told him that JORD wanted to send HIM a watch, and he got to pick it out. He got really into it. It was a huge surprise to me to be completely honest, but when he saw wooden watches with emerald faces, his fancy came out fast.

He picked out the Frankie series watch and it’s gorgeous. Like really gorgeous. These babies are hot. In fact, when it arrived, I wanted to just wear it myself like a selfish jerk. But it’s Jeff’s, so I took my sticky hands off of it.

JORD was nice enough to send over some gift cards too! So we will be sending out some of those!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is click here!

The giveaway is now open and will run through 1/31/17 at 11:59pm. As a refresher, the giveaway is pretty simple and pretty cool! Anyone who signs up through the giveaway link above, instantly gets a $25 JORD e gift code! It’s seriously that easy! The $25 JORD e gift codes will expire on 3/14/17


And I have a few $50 gift cards here for you! So if you want one of those, comment below and let me know what was the best thing you GIFTED this holiday season!

There are SO many to choose from!!